Bismillah Kalima

This Dargah(shrine) complex contains beautiful dome and mazar(grave) of Hazrat Qutub ul Hind is a heritage listed monoument of Hyderabad and the mazars(graves) of the sajjadanashees(Custodians) & Grandsons of hazrat qutubul hind and this dargah was constructed by the grand son of Hazrat Qutubul Hind namely Hazrat Dayam sahab who was the sucessor and the first custodian to this pious monoument and this dargah was constructed with an expindature of 70 thousand rupees of that time and janab gulam rasool sahab who was the disciple of Qutub ul Hind also took part in the construction work adjacent to the mausoleum of Hazrat Qutub Ul Hind is a beautiful mosque by name masjid dargah hazrat shujauddin and also a khanqa(Spritual school) along with Nashistgah (sitting place) of Sajjadanasheen (custodian ) and langarkhana(place of food distrubtion) A madrasa of Hifz(byharding) the holy quran is also running in the mosque of the dargah. The annual urs (death anniversary) hazrat qutub ul hind is celebrated every year 2nd to 5th in the month of moharram on a grand scale and on every Thursday after asr prayer halqa e zikr is conducted regularly and lecture is deliverd by the custodian of dargah Hazrat Moulana Syed Obaid Ullah Qadri

This dargah(shrine) constist of the Mazar(grave) of Hazrat Hafiz Abdullah shah Shaheed (Son of Hazrat Qutub Ul Hind) and the grave of the peerani maa sahiba (Wife of Hazrat Qutub ul Hind) and also the graves of other family members of him along with mosque namely Masjid Hazrat Shaheed ul Islam situated at Dargah Barhene Shah Road Riyasat Nagar Hyderabad and the same was constructed during the lifetime of Qutub Ul Hind as his son was martyriad during his life time and Hazrat use to visit the grave of his son and wife and spend time there and every year the urs of Hazrat Shaheed ul Islam is performed in the month of Moharam on 24th day under the supervision of Moulana Syed Ibrahim qadri who is the grand son of Hazrat Qutub ul Hind and custodian of this Dargah and Mosque and madarsa (Islamic School) is also working in which basic islamic teaching are provided to the local children free of cost.